Please read this cancellation policy carefully before booking! If you book a room, you agree to this cancellation & refund policy.

You may modify, change, or cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your reservation with no penalty or fees, and receive a full refund.


LATE POLICY We have a strict late policy that we adhere to in order to make sure all groups receive a complete experience. Groups that show up on time should not be penalized because a group before them was late.

Please read and understand the following late policy before booking. If you book a room, you agree to this late policy.

If two different groups are in a room together, and one of the groups is on time, the room will start on time, no exceptions. In this case, if you show up late, we can add you to the room, but you will not receive any additional time.

If it is just your group in the room, we will start no later than 15 minutes after your scheduled time.

If you are late We cannot give late groups the full hour because we need time to reset the room before the next group arrives. If you happen to be late and do not want to miss out on time in the room, you can reschedule your booking for a $50 fee. If there are no other rooms booked after your scheduled time, the manager or gamemaster may alter this policy. This is at the discretion of the manager or gamemaster, and no change to the policy is guaranteed.


RESCHEDULING We allow 1-time rescheduling with a 24-hour notice. Please, pay attention, that no refunds will be issued for the booking that was once already rescheduled. Please, send us an email or call 352-708-4312 to make any changes.

Thank you for your understanding.